Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba

 Risultati immagini per langhe 

What should we say about the so called Optimus Potor  from the last century, men born and having spent their whole life in the Langa , who were used to do wine and drink it in thick tavern glasses filled up without keeping the void space required by good manners and etiquette?


If only they had followed the example of who combines cold served Foie Gras and Chateau d’Yquem, or lobate and Fiorano bianco,

or even more Tocai di Lison and pasta with beans, if only could they have known how a perfect combination can be the one of wild hare meat and a 6-8 years old Taurasi served at 18°C, or the one of chicken with peppers and a Termine di Monteriggioni,

in that case they would have been able to become O.P., they too!!!


A real O.P. aspire to having served little Piedmont cows’ milk cheese with a well aged Cartizze wine, or a Robiola cheese near to a young Ramandolo di Nimis ,

while theese men born and grown up in the Langa persist in drinking “Dolcetto della Cascina Drago” wine together with the unrefined Gorgonzola slice, which almost overflows the dish in their cellar,

even though everybody knows that the right wine required near to Gorgonzola cheese is the so called Picolit della Roccabernarda .



Gigi Marsico – Pharmacist from Alba, Piedmont